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Objectifs of the Cell Tel-teaching and distance education

To overcome the lack of supervision, on the one hand, but also with the aim of improving the quality of training, by complying with the requirements of quality assurance, other forms of learning and teaching, integrating new educational approaches into the training process are currently being implemented. This is how the national distance education system was launched, the objectives of which are divided into three stages.

A first phase of technology use, videoconferencing in particular, to absorb learner flows, while significantly improving the quality of teaching and training (short-term process).

 A second step, which will use new educational technologies, especially based on the web(online learning or e-learning), to achieve quality assurance (medium-term process).

An integration phase in which the distance learning system, will be deployed and validated, towards “distance education”, with the key, the creation of a CHAIN OF KNOWLEDGE, whose use and profit far exceed the only University sphere, to reach a wider audience of learners: people wishing to broaden their knowledge, people with special needs, senior citizens, hospitalized patients, people undergoing rehabilitation, etc.

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