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LHC world wide data day

LHC world wide data day:

In October 16, 2019, Theoretical physics undergraduate students from University of M’sila, alongside with  students from around the world were part of World Wide Data Day,  They had access to authentic data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Centre Centre européen des Recherches Nucleaire)

Students  searched for particles called muons that result from protons collisions and measured angles at which they careen from the collision point. All the results of the data analysis were  pooled worldwide including University of M’sila, to probe the nature of proton collisions. Students who were part of the investigation joined a videoconferences with their peers and physicists to discuss what they have learned.

World Data Day 2019 is an event organized by QuarkNet University of Notre Dam USA and CERN, to helps students understand particle physics through authentic data investigations.
Local supervisor : Dr. Essma Redouane Salah


International Moderator Kenneth Cecire, University of Notre Dame Indiana USA”

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