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Second HEP Graduate Workshop

3 avr. 2021 à 07:20 → 5 avr. 2021 à 17:30Africa/Algiers M’sila Essma REDOUANE SALAH(University of M’sila Algeria) L’Université Mohamed Boudiaf de M’sila a organisé la deuxième édition du High Energy Physics Graduate Workshop. Le  Workshop est dédié aux chercheurs en début de carrière, aux étudiants de doctorat et de master. Des conférences et tutoriels …

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courses on the Moodle platform

In accordance with the correspondence n ° 288 of the ministry dated February 29, 2020 (which includes the preparation of the content of the courses, tutorials and practical work covering a month of study (04 weeks or more) and place it on the ground from the Moodle Foundation or send …

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Defense of a doctoral thesis

The Visio conference room of M’sila University hosted on 22/01/2020 a discussion of a distance doctoral thesis by Dr .: For Ayadi Noureddine under the title: Tolerant control of asynchronous machine faults double star under the supervision of Dr: Zaghlash Samir and discussed by a group of teachers, including Dr: …

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Training on the OPALE program

We inform all the teachers of the Mohamed Boudiaf University of M’sila about the launch of the training program (version 2) on the use of the Opale program to disseminate e-learning lessons in the field. On this basis, you are requested to register at the Dean’s Target Office. To benefit …

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Professors accounts on the Moodle platform

Professors who do not have an account on the Moodle platform should connect to the Cell Tel-teaching and distance education at the level of the Networking and Information and Communication Systems Center and tele-education and distance learning to obtain a user name and password

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LHC world wide data day

LHC world wide data day: In October 16, 2019, Theoretical physics undergraduate students from University of M’sila, alongside with  students from around the world were part of World Wide Data Day,  They had access to authentic data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Centre Centre européen des Recherches Nucleaire) …

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Request password in Moodle platform

To be aware of the professors of the University of M’sila that they can get the password in case of forgotten through the Moodle platform by following these steps: 1- Click on Forgot your username or password? 2. Type your email address 3. Click on Search Moodle will send you …

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Distance Learning

In order to develop the use of ICT in the University of M’sila, it is brought to the attention of teachers that it is put under the academic year 2019-2020, as an experiment, a procedure of distance learning, Teachers who wish to do so must complete the contract of engagement

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