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E-Learning: Tool that supports the learning process and transforms it into a process of indoctrination, interaction and skill development, and combines all forms of e-learning and learning using the latest methods in the fields of education, publishing and entertainment. . Rapid technical transfers have led to the emergence of new models of learning and education, which have reinforced the concept of individual or autonomous education: students continue learning according to their abilities, abilities, speed of learning and experience and skills. Online learning is one of these evolutionary models of what is known as distance learning in general and computer-assisted learning in particular. Where e-learning relies mainly on computers and networks to transfer knowledge and skills. Its applications include web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom and digital collaboration. Content of lessons is provided online, audio and video tapes and CDs

The importance of e-learning: solving the problem of growing demand for education and the explosion of knowledge. Broaden the possibilities of admission to education, in addition to empowering workers through training and education without leaving their jobs. Helps break psychological barriers between student and teacher. Satisfy the characteristics and needs of the student while increasing the return on investment by reducing the cost of education
Characteristics of e-learning: helps students acquire knowledge themselves; It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Where it achieves the interactive process of education. It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Is a low cost compared to traditional education. Axes of online learning, educational seminars and student self-evaluation Interaction between university and teacher and student, self-education, mix of education and entertainment, virtual classes, management and follow-up and preparation of results , educational sites on the Internet

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