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Particle physics MasterClass

The department of physics  organized a masterclass on particle physics Monday 25th February 2019, in web center at the  university southern pole in collaboration with research center CERN in Geneva , Switzerland
The goals of this Masterclass is to expose theoretical physics  students to a  current research in experimental high energy physics, and learn how to work on particle physics data analysis.
This Masterclass was supervised by Dr. Essma Redouane Salah in M’sila university and two Scientists Dr.Despina Hatzifotiadou and Dr.Leonora Vesterbacka from CERN through a visioconference.
The Master class started by an Introductory Lecture on standard model, detectors and accelerators , followed by a hands-on session where the students analyse real LHC data using the CMS Measurement 3D event display (iSpywebgl) in collaboration with four other universities ( Zaghreb, Split, Tehran and Bologna) , Students identified W, Z, and Higgs candidates, then Created mass plot of standard model particles that decay into 2 leptons, plus Higgs,  then they had a live videoconference from CERN where the  researchers made a  Combination between  M’sila university and
four other universities to  discuss final results and answer students questions followed by a short quiz on high energy physics