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Distance learning activities

The Visio conference room was used through the following activities:

Title of the activity Date Participating institutions Summary
Videoconferencing Training
Device Administration
21-22-23 October2012 – Laghouat University

-supplement school of Koba

-University of M’sila

Physics without control 20/05/2013 -University of M’sila: Physical Department

Athas CERN

A remote representation in an international conference 19/10/2013 -University of M’sila

-Portland State

USA University


Physics of high energy particles 31/01/2017 -University of M’sila:

Physical Department

-University of Michigan


Videoconference on Solar Physics: Fundamentals & Observations 12/03/2018 -University of M’sila:

Dr Raid M. Suleiman du prestigieux ‘Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics‘

More details
Project flood / Project rain 26 April 2018 – University of M’sila: Hydraulic Department

-Dr:Christine Poulard (Hydrology-hydraulics(HH Lyon

More details
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