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بقلوب مليئة بالايمان بالله عز وجل وراضية بقضائه وقدره نتقدم باحر التعازي واصدق المواساة للأخت والزميلة الغـــالية على قلوبنــا والعزيزة علينا  دمدوم ريمة وذلك لوفاة المغفور لها بأذن الله والدتها سائلين المولى عز وجل ان يتغمد الفقيدة بواسع الرحمه وأن يلهم اهلها وذويها الصبر والسلوان وان يغفر لها ويرحمها ويوسع مدخلها …

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Deleting empty courses on the Moodle platform

As part of the filtering and organization of courses on the Moodle platform regarding the counting of the university and because there is a large number of courses without content (empty) and there is no replies to the last list sent from empty lessons to delete it, the courses will …

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Particle physics MasterClass

The department of physics  organized a masterclass on particle physics Monday 25th February 2019, in web center at the  university southern pole in collaboration with research center CERN in Geneva , Switzerland The goals of this Masterclass is to expose theoretical physics  students to a  current research in experimental high …

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Masterclass: Hands on Particle physics

The department of physics is organizing a masterclass on particle physics Monday 25th February 2019, in The Visio conference room of the Cell Tel-teaching and distance education at the  university southern pole, in collaboration with CERN, a particle physics research center in Geneva , Switzerland The goals of this Masterclass is to expose theoretical physics  students to current …

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Educational videos

It should be noted the teachers that a set of educational videos in French and Arabic has been set up to create the courses in the Moodle platform. Video links: 1- https://elearning.univ-msila.dz/moodle/course/view.php?id=984 2- https://elearning.univ-msila.dz/moodle/course/view.php?id=935    

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Visio conference on black holes and data analysis

The Department of Physics organized a Masterclass in Astrophysics for M2 students on Theoretical Physics. The purpose of this Masterclass is to introduce students to astrophysical data analysis. This Masterclass was supervised by Dr. Zoghbi Abderahmen from the University of Michigan, in collaboration with Dr. Kalli Sihem, Head of the …

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Model Course on the E-learning Platform

As part of the improvement of the course model on the E-learning Platform, we conclude that all teachers can download and follow the course template form to help them prepare and publish standard course at the PlateForme.

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Announcing a Videoconferencing

On February 5, 2019, the Department of Physics organized a video conference given by Dr. Abderahmen Zoghbi, a researcher at the University of Michigan, in cooperation with Dr Kalli Siham of M’sila University. For the benefit of Master 2 students in theoretical physics at the University from Mohamed boudiaf M’sila …

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teacher training on the moodle platform

in order to ensure the smooth running of the teacher training process on the e-learning Moodle In order to publish their lessons according to the unified model of the University of Mohammed Boudiaf Bmsia, we ask the deans of the faculties: 1 – Carefully establish the list of teacher groups …

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